Updates in the world of FE for July

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Updates in the world of FE for July

Post  Ellen-Natalie on Sun Jul 01, 2012 11:25 am

June's been a good month for FE! For those not caught up in the archives yet, the previous arc featured Vikki and the current, ongoing on is all about Hunter~two characters readers have been asking for more information about for quite some time. Hunter's arc also has replaced the gradient coloring with a new coloring style-helping to make the characters look more alive and less flat. (It's similar to a cell shading technique, but not as time consuming. Well, usually.)

Some might have noticed the Commission Flyer for 2012 has been removed-this is because I won't taking commission orders for the next few months.* One of my goals for this year is to put out another Side Story and prepare for convention possibilities next year, and sadly the only way to do that right now is to work during the time that would be reserved for commissions. Once they are complete and I have more time in my schedule, I'll open for commissions again.

(*Hikaru and Latrans, this announcement does not apply to our current comic projects.)

And a heads up to fellow comic artists, in August I'll be gone for over a week on vacation. During that time, the FE website will host an event featuring fan comics from anyone who wishes to participate. Details of this event will be announced next week.

As always, I can't give enough thanks to everyone's support of this webcomic-I'm thoroughly convinced Furry Experience has some of the best fans a webcomic could get, and am looking forward to where FE will go in the future~

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