Fall is Here-with FE Updates

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Fall is Here-with FE Updates

Post  Ellen-Natalie on Tue Sep 11, 2012 2:05 pm

August was a whirlwind month! My husband and I enjoyed some last-minute summer adventures before settling back into the routines of school and work. Furry Experience had an adventure as well, with the first Fan Comic event-and turned 3 years old since it's first pages debuted on the web! While the next few months will mostly be focused on returning to a regular updating schedule, there's still lots to look forward to.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted and participated in the FE Fan Comic event! It was amazing to see the variety everyone came up with, and read everyone's responses. In case anyone is wondering where to find those fan comics now that they're gone from the archives, they've been moved to a free Side Story on the website ([link]) Along with some extra comics from a Furry Experience-Critters Online! crossover. Those who wanted to participate but ran out of time, don't worry-this event turned out so well, I'm definitely hosting another one next year.

It's been awhile, but I FINALLY have the equipment and schedule to start looking into livestreams again. I'll be hosting a test stream towards the end of this month to make sure everything's working properly. No official date yet, more details will be released as they're planned.

And for those who are interested in ordering commissions, I unfortunately still can't take any orders. (However, the new Side Stories I'm working on in their place are going to be awesome! I'm planning on their release in the Spring and Fall of next year.) Recently, though, I found out a fellow furry artist, Tesseri-shira, is raising funds via commissions to do volunteer teaching in China. She's written more details about the program and commission prices in her DeviantART account: http://tesseri-shira.deviantart.com/journal/China-or-Bust-326133708
Her artwork's awesome and it's for a good cause-if you're looking to buy a commission this month, I'd suggest checking her out~

As always, thanks to everyone for their support and kind words-hope you all have a happy fall season!

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Re: Fall is Here-with FE Updates

Post  Teric on Tue Sep 11, 2012 3:33 pm

FE is three years old already?! Oh my gosh!

Thanks for a fantastic 3 years, Ellen! I plan to stick around for many more. Smile


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Re: Fall is Here-with FE Updates

Post  Mr Ed on Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:25 pm

Three years?? My how time flys when you have something great to read!
Happy birthday to FE, and many Thanks to Ellen-Natalie for that!
Very Happy

Mr Ed

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Re: Fall is Here-with FE Updates

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