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The studend group that's missing Empty The studend group that's missing

Post  jubedi on Fri Sep 20, 2013 6:57 pm

Hi there!
I just caught up to the current strip...
Almost disappointed... I thought the next-link was broken^^
Well, then I saw the posting date and was relieved... I had once a webcomic where there were no stripes for some years made...

So I got here by discovering where I first discovered a couple of other nice comics before coming here^^
Usually the thing I do when getting sick.
2 days ago I had do sneeze 10 times in a row and filled a bag with used paper handkerchiefs... second best way to not infect other housemembers... best one is washing hands btw.
Then I got to a really nice comic yesterday and got better^^ Probably also this effective as you're diverted from your body as it heals itself...
Well as long as you can stay in bed while doing that.

On the downside I couldn't really bring myself to read my "Highenergy physic" book (by Perkins, best book for high energy physics basics since 1990, ISBN 3-89319-236-0, amazon says something about 0.89‚ā¨ for a used hardcover one) that I need for an personal oral test I made an appointment with a physic-prof...

So that brings me to the point: there weren't any phsics-classes yet, right? I recall there were biology and extended maths but nothing regarding physics!
In my opinion there should be totally a physics-student somewhere... well, maybe there was some uncommon one I already forget again about...
But what about the bautiful lectures were all kind of teacher or science-related people are forced to attend to? like experimental physics 1-3? of course I as a physics-student needed to hear 1-6... or theoretical physics 1-5... I didn't hear 6 because I'm an experimental physicist^^ I heard analysis 1-4 and informatics 1-4 instead... everything 6 CP by the way... expect analysis 4, that were 9 CP... and the couple of eperiment-course were we needed to redo experiments that has been done better a hundred years ago to proove that we can work scientifically.

By the way, why do you think the sky is blue? Or why is the sun green?
I really believe there needs to some physicist as contrast in the comic... someone really enjoying having tons of work, talking about lectures in free time (preferable while standing in cycles with 2-10 people) and having some of the most lax lecture-regulations... well you have homework... but the lectures were the homework is relevant to grades are the minority... in analysis 2-4 it wasn't really necessary to make it... only mathematicans could get there higher then 70% anyway^^ As long as you know the script and in experimental physics read a book about that (exp 1&2 Tiplers physics for scientists and engeneers or exp 4 was hunklingers "Festkörperphysik")... the expensive ones are usually also ebooks for free... you also often get the complete script in advance so you don't need to go to lectures... except in theory were you are required to write down...
In exams you usually can take a non-programmable calculator and one or two books... although the calculator won't help you... as physics is often without numbers... and you will need Bronsteins Taschenbuch der Mathematik in theory as some integrals aren't directly solvable without it tabulars...
I think you get the idea^^

So, I guess that was my introduction. Somewhat proud physicists^^
I who needs humans if you can get physicists!


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The studend group that's missing Empty Re: The studend group that's missing

Post  Ellen-Natalie on Sat Sep 21, 2013 1:33 pm

Welcome to the forums, it's always fun to read theories and feedback. Smile Hope you continue to enjoy FE!

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The studend group that's missing Empty Re: The studend group that's missing

Post  Cutekitty on Mon Sep 23, 2013 11:42 am

Hiya, welcome! If I recall correctly (and if the question isn't rhetorical), the sky is blue because of how sunlight interacts with the gases that make up the atmosphere. The light hits the particles, exciting the electrons to jump to different levels and then fall back down, and they then emit certain wavelengths of light based on where the electrons fall from... or something like that, is that right? I'm trying to remember from introductory physics. ^^;

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The studend group that's missing Empty Re: The studend group that's missing

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