Ice Queen is Now Available!

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Ice Queen is Now Available!

Post  Ellen-Natalie on Tue Jan 05, 2016 9:00 pm

Folks have been asking since Ice Queen's completion when it will be available to purchase, and now it finally is! Copies can now be purchased from the awesome folks at Rabbit Valley. You can view the listing here!

There have been some questions about the decision to sell Ice Queen through Rabbit Valley, which I'd like to answer:

Why is Ice Queen being sold through Rabbit Valley instead of your Etsy store?

Two of my goals for 2016 is to help FE reach a larger audience, and to provide a better experience for those who have followed FE from the beginning. I believe working with Rabbit Valley will help achieve both of these - Rabbit Valley has spent years building a reputation of offering quality products and helping their customers find new titles they may enjoy. They also strive to provide great customer service and a quick turnaround time for orders. This is an opportunity to help new readers discover FE and for fans to have an excellent experience when purchasing their book.

But I want to pay you directly to support your work!

Thank you so much - you're awesome! But buying from Rabbit Valley does help support my work. These guys have paid me to sell Ice Queen, and if sales go well it will show that supporting more Furry Experience projects in the future is worth the investment. I still want to offer a personal thanks to everyone who purchases a book regardless of where it came from, to help do this I've signed and drawn a unique sketch in each of the copies Rabbit Valley owns. No matter where you get your book from, it's one of a kind!

I'd love to buy this book, but I have no money.

That's okay! You can still support Ice Queen by posting a review on Rabbit Valley's website. The preview is still up  which you can read and comment on, and for those preordered the book or got a digital copy over Patreon it would be really amazing if you could take a few minutes to share what you like about Ice Queen and why new readers would enjoy it. And of course, telling friends and family about Ice Queen definitely helps!

If there's more questions, let me know. I'm really excited about this - one of the first furry comics I ever read came from Rabbit Valley, and now a book with my name on it is being sold there. I hope this goes well, but regardless of how it turns out thank you all for your feedback, patience and support during the creation of this book! As always, you are all awesome!

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