Art trades? and my sunny disposition...

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Art trades? and my sunny disposition...

Post  blackgnosis on Tue Apr 05, 2011 11:30 pm

I love art... I do...I adore it...I'm inspired by it... I like comissioning people... I like tossing money to some one who had up to that point felt that their time in making something I wanted clean or dirty would be at what they consider an acceptable fee... now here's my issue

I dun draw well... I kinda got burned out doing anything serious,... in fact there's only two piece of serious art I did left on the net...

I used pencils and light paper, plus a good 10 minutes with a friend of mine in canadia....
I shopped it for better fills using a plugin thats no longer there, but it made shading adjustments rather well, but it made everything kinda jagged and put odd white lines in...but anyways....

Took a existing pic and ruined it in every way imaginable...
original pic

usually when I upload art, its ancient art I was goofing off with...or did minimal work on PSP 7 with..

I've decided to spend my time on things less remarkable... like making noises...

with sl I kinda get a graphic output


Edit: Hoo I found out my kebyoard batteries died, so not all my text went in and it looks like I'm typing in broken english.... so I'll summarize rather then write, I make noises, I often would like to trade some of said noise for art but theres few artists out there, theres been one one I've found and thats only cause they heard me on skype. and wanted to know your imput on why or why not you find music for art feasable or unfeasable. and of course a chance to spam some of my work from SL and the past. no art critique is needed, just wanted your thoughts on noise making.

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