Con Sale and Contests

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Con Sale and Contests

Post  Ellen-Natalie on Mon Oct 31, 2011 9:59 am

Earlier I mentioned items that were available for Anime Banzai could be purchased online, and they're now up and ready to purchase in my Esty store:
Items include bookmarks, mini posters, and original comics-including the first FE comic in print, "Brian's Big Date." (Made to take place after the current story arc.)

Also, keep an eye on the news-a new cameo contest will be posted in a week, involving the various outfits that might be seen at Diana's Bargain Ball. And I'm sure most forum members here already know about the Most Popular Character poll going on in the FE discussion thread, but any newcomers who haven't voted yet should check it out! The winner of that poll will get an entire livestream session dedicated to them, open to requests from the viewers. As I write this, the winner is a tie between Cat and the White Board. Be sure to vote if you'd like to see someone else in the livestream~

Thanks to everyone's support of Furry Experience!

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