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Post  Ellen-Natalie on Sat Jul 18, 2015 10:04 pm

The FE Fan Comic Event is back!

The first couple weeks in September I'll be traveling, so once again I'm asking FE fans to show off their comic-making skills! For those who remember the rules from the previous event, they're mostly the same (with some minor tweaks to the dates), and for new readers who are interested in participating I've copied the details below.

Each comic submitted will be featured as the latest page on the website between August 31st through September 14th for an equal amount of time. How long that time is depends on how many submissions are received. All comics will be removed from the archives when FE updates resume, but will be re-uploaded as a FREE digital collection on the website's Wall of Awesome page.


Create a comic featuring any members of the Furry Experience cast. This comic can be funny, sad, thoughtful, non-sequitur, whatever your mind can come up with! (Within the formatting rules below) Any material can be used, including pencils, digital art, markers, puppets, etc!*

Comics must be only 1-2 pages. Entries can be two-page short story, or two single page comics. Pages must be sized at 800 pixels wide, but can vary in length between 800-3000 pixels. All submissions must be in .JPEG or .PNG format. MAKE SURE YOUR COMIC IS ALREADY FORMATTED CORRECTLY WHEN SUBMITTING. I will not be able to make adjustments after you have submitted, and comics which are not formatted correctly will not be posted.

Because these comics will be complied into a free digital collection on the website after the event ends, it is recommended to include a small watermark or mention of copyright somewhere on your page. Your ownership of the comic will also be credited at the end of the collection. If you do not wish your comic to be included in the collection, or have a specific alias/website you wish to be mentioned when credited, you must indicate such in your submission. Otherwise, you will be credited via the name I can find associated with you.

DEADLINE TO ENTER IS MIDNIGHT, AUGUST 23RD (USA Central Time) This comic is on a tight schedule (usually) and that deadline cannot be extended. Plan your time accordingly! Submit all entries to my email at: natalie.ellen87 [at] gmail.com

After submitting your comic, please do not post it elsewhere online until after it has been revealed on the Furry Experience website. (We don't want to spoil the surprise!) After your comic has appeared on the FE website, you may upload it online wherever you like.

RULES! Failure to comply will disqualify your entry.

If you have original characters, they may make an appearance. But you MUST have complete ownership of your original characters. If you have any concerns or questions about your character, send me a note.

You will be given full ownership credit for your characters if it appears in your comic. Be aware that by submitting to this contest, you are giving permission for me to post the comic on the FE website and FE's social media accounts.

All designs MUST keep a Safe For Work, PG rating. In this event 'PG' is defined as something you're comfortable showing your family, boss, and children. If you have an idea but you're not sure it will be appropriate, note me a description. Pornographic material will automatically be disqualified.

If you choose to upload your comic elsewhere after it has appeared on the Furry Experience website, you must give credit for the FE characters and universe to the creator (myself) by linking back or mentioning where they come from.

This event's been a lot of fun in the past years, looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

*My offer to trade swag for FE puppets still stands.

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