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FA bought by IMVU Empty FA bought by IMVU

Post  Latrans on Sun Mar 22, 2015 9:57 pm

So if you haven't heard, FurAffinity.net was just purchased by IMVU. This, obviously, has some (read: a LOT) of people worried about content rights control. Word from FurAffinity is that they will remain operationally separate from IMVU aside from some cross-advertising and IMVU funding a hardware/software upgrade for FA. Given the nature of businesses existing to make money, a number of people are a little incredulous and expect big changes after everything settles down.

This journal post covers most of the major concerns. Keep in mind, however, that the author has had some disagreements with the FA management in the past so it's a bit one sided.

My concern is that many of us have content there, and some of us (*cough*Ms. Natalie*cough*) are financially tied to their content. While this probably won't affect many of us, it could have serious impact on others and may warrant keeping a very close eye on any changes.

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