Happy Birthday: America (235 years of pure win)

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Happy Birthday: America (235 years of pure win)

Post  blackgnosis on Tue Jul 05, 2011 12:59 am


It took a lot of guts to declare a nation independant of the ruling crown.

Giving up Sacred honor, riches, and life in any decent manner as far as King George was concerned, A bunch of colonists comitted treason and to the bitter end held their ground fighting and persuing a way of life. Violently defending what were considered improper virtues, unfair taxing and a stifling the growth and expansion all because a Greedy inbred man saw the potential of fortune and furthering the wealth of his land...

This was no easy decision, This was one where they knew there would be terrible punishments to await them and their family and friends... I find it hard core... <3 Its a good time to reread the founding documents which this nation was built on. Maybe one day I'll see the declaration of independence. inside its protective case,,, <3

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