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Pushing Webcomic Limits Empty Pushing Webcomic Limits

Post  Ellen-Natalie on Thu Apr 14, 2011 12:21 pm

Webcomics are fairly standard-write a story, draw pages, post them online. However, sometimes people go beyond those requirements-pushing to create unique, interactive elements in their storytelling. With the driving force behind successful webcomics being interaction between readers and artists, these new elements are sure to grow in popularity-maybe even become a new standard for future webcomics.

Here's some examples I've found of how webcomics are growing more interactive:

BlueStreak (found here, rated SFW)
First attempt I've seen of creating a musical webcomic. Selections of comic pages are organized to be read while listening to specific pop/rock songs, which can easily be found on Youtube. Though on different webpages (or tabs, depending on your browser,) the comics and songs work together seamlessly, until the comic's version of the song ends and the Youtube version keeps going.

Club Love (found here, rated SFW)
For awhile, this comic was simply a cute daily strip about students helping their classmates with relationship problems. But when chapter six started, a game was posted instead of a strip. To find out what's going on, readers must explore the comic's campus and talk to characters met in previous chapters. Surprisingly, the artist's character designs work much better in a game format than daily strips.

Has anyone else found webcomics with unique, interactive twists? Share them!

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