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Furry club at BYU Empty Furry club at BYU

Post  LeonMcBane on Mon Jul 01, 2013 3:48 pm

So, after a lot of moving and time away, I've finally come back to the Provo area. It's nice coming back to a lot of familiar surroundings. I decided to check BYU official and unofficial websites for any mention of a Furry related club or group. Not a single instance came up. Well, the long and short of it is: Do you know of any groups at BYU?

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Furry club at BYU Empty BYU Furry club

Post  machanicdude on Wed Dec 18, 2013 4:24 am

I have been born and raised in the LDS church, kind of an outsider to everyone inside the church and outside, not one to really reach out to ANYONE nor join any clubs, just basically do legit nothing with anyone or anything, but if there was a BYU furry fan club i'd totally join it... I'd prob the the only way I'd make friends anywhere. Considering I was raised to believe anything out of the normal was bad. Then while in seminary I learned that the church accepts gays, I'm not gay I'm just sayin' that it's something out of the normal, just as long as they don't act on their feelings. I figured being a furry would be one of those things like "being gay". Prob explains why i separated from the church at age 18. I'm currently 20. Sorry for the long wordy paragraphs, but it feels good to be out there.


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Furry club at BYU Empty Re: Furry club at BYU

Post  Latrans on Thu Dec 19, 2013 12:10 am

Hey, mechanicdude! Welcome to the group!

So now that we have two BYU guys, why not start a BYU fur club? Find a good place to start a furmeet and post some flyers around campus to see who shows up (and keeps showing up).

If you do, a couple suggestions:
1) Don't mention "furry" on the flyers. There's far too much baggage associated with that word in the public mind. Instead, call it an "Anthro Club (for fans of cartoons, mascots, and other humanized critters)" or something similar. You'll weed out most of the bad apples while still retaining the ones who would actually want to be there.

2) For the meeting place, choose somewhere neutral. This could be a spare class room you have permission to use, a park, or even a restaurant. Wherever it is, have some plans on what to do (meet'n'greet, games, food, etc).

3) Unless you know for certain that your meeting place is "fur friendly" (or it's private like a classroom), discourage outright fursuiting. As with using "furry" on the flyers, you'll have to deal with the public's previously established ideas. I would encourage finding such a place because if the furmeet becomes established there will be those who would like to show off their suits.

I hope that wasn't too much.

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Furry club at BYU Empty Re: Furry club at BYU

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