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Post  Latrans on Sun Jan 20, 2013 4:28 am

So, I was thinking about art of my 'sona, and that lead me to thinking about narcissism, which took me to Wikipedia, where I learned about the Narcissistic Personality Index, which lead me here. The Online implementation of the Raskin and Terry (1988) NPI.

Of course I do enjoy a good personality test now and then. Here's my results...
You have completed the Narcissistic Personality Inventory.

Your score is 7, out of 40.

Your score was higher than 24.7% of the sample. The people who have found this online test are probably not that representative of the general population though, so the averages from a few other groups are tabled below.

Sample Score
US University undergraduates (Raskin and Terry, 1988) 15.6
US Adults (Pinsky and Young, 2009) 15.3
US Celebrities (Pinsky and Young, 2009) 17.8

In addition to the primary score, investigation into the structure of the NPI has found that there are seven different "facets". Your scores for each are graphed below.

Personality Tests NPIfi

Anybody else care to see how they score (and share the results)?

Also, anybody know of any other interesting tests?

I decided to take their Big 5 test as well...
You have completed the Big Five Personality Test, results calculated from your answers are below. Scores on each of the five traits range from 1 (low) to 5 (high). The percentile is what percent of other people who have taken this test you scored higher than.

Trait Score Percentile

Extraversion 2 13
Extraversion reflects how much you are oriented towards things outside yourself and derive satisfaction from interacting with other people. [more]

Conscientiousness 2.9 24
Conscientiousness reflects how careful you are, both in respect to orginization and rules. [more]

Neuroticism 4.3 91
Neuroticism is the tendancy to experince negative emotions. [more]

Agreeableness 2.9 9
Agreeableness reflects how much you like and try please others. [more]

Openness 4 42
Openness reflects how much you seek out new experinces.
Ok... I knew I tended toward neuroticism, but the 91st percentile? Really?! Shocked

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Post  Ellen-Natalie on Sun Jan 20, 2013 3:55 pm

Ha! Took the narcissism test-10 out of 40, scoring higher than 40.1% of the sample. How the graph of seven elements turned out:

Personality Tests NPIfi

Probably shouldn't have taken this test after being proud of finishing a comic page ^^;

As for the Big 5 Test, I apparently seek out a lot of new experiences in a controlled, organized manner. *shrugs shoulders*

Personality Tests Big5sc10

Fun tests, Latrans! Thanks for sharing~


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